Company Overview

Our Team

At Canstaff we value all of our employees. From our office staff to temporary/permanent staff, we've created an inclusive environment that contributes to our competitive advantage as a staffing provider!

Below is some of our office staff and employees getting ready to be transported to their job site


        Canstaff has proven it's ability to provide successful staffing solutions to a multitude of companies in various industries time and time again. Our team's 3-step process focuses on your core business objectives to accurately diagnose the most appropriate course of action.
Our 3-step proprietary process goes as follows:
  1.       Canstaff’s custom matching process : we make sure employees are the right job-fit for your work environment.
  2.       Security Check: Our 2-level security check process protects your business.
  3.       Health & Safety programs: We ensure all requirements by the Ministry of Labor and your Health and Safety Committee are met using customized Health and Safety courses and tests.
We understand the ever changing work environment and we stay up to date on new regulations in our industry. Canstaff is at the forefront of the employment industry, utilizing the latest recruiting, marketing and customer service strategies to seamlessly become a part of your organization. Strategic partnerships is what we call it.
Areas of expertise:
  1. Industrial & Warehousing Staffing
  2. Transportation & Logistic Staffing
  3. Automotive Staffing
  4. Office & Clerical Staffing
  5. Call Centre Staffing
  6. Accounting & Finance Staffing
  7. Engineering Staffing
  8. Information Technology Staffing
  9. Earth Services (Oil/Gas/Mining/Environmental)
  10. Management & Executive Staffing
  11. Sales & Marketing Staffing