On-Site Staffing

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Does your company require a high volume of temporary help on a regular basis? This service may be perfect for you!
On-Site Staffing/Client-Site Management
For companies that require higher than average temporary help Canstaff offers an all-inclusive management package at no extra cost. We will appoint an HR official to your job-site location to manage all workers on assignment that we send to your company. Our HR official will manage all temporary staffing requirements from demand fluctuations to time management. How will your company benefit?:
  1. Less turnaround and faster fill-rates
  2.  Management of all time-cards/time sheets to be approved
  3. Supervision of temporary staff to ensure production is met
Master Vendor Program
Encompassing all the benefits of our on-site client management, our Master Vendor Program (MVP) will use our latest technology to manage your temporary workforce accurately and efficiently. If you're using more than one agency, our MVP program will streamline all temp usage through Canstaff so that you only have one contact point. We will manage all agencies to ensure you get quality workers efficiently and easily.

master vendor
on-site vendor
-time card machine, managing payroll, timesheets etc.