Temporary Staffing

Responsive Staffing at it's best

Canstaff's on-demand staffing capabilities are the best in the industry. Do you need extra hands for a rush order? Do you have excess workers due to production delays? Our responsive and flexible staffing solutions will solve all your staffing requirements.
Temporary Staffing
For over a decade, Canstaff Employment Agency, has been specializing in providing its clients with the right skilled personnel committed to meeting their expectations. We offer qualified personnel in a full range of skills for your entire general staffing needs. We are the temporary help specialists.
  1. We offer very competitive rates which include all payroll deductions
  2. Our client care specialists are available 24/7 to respond to ANY staffing turnarounds
  3. Our pool of candidates have all of the skills & qualifications you require
  4. Customizable timesheet that suits your requirements
  5. Transport Services for all our employees over the GTA